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Players Born January 1, 2007 v Dec 31, 2008 (Gender Specific play)

Philosophy - The Beginning of Us

This is the golden age of learning when children become less self-centered and are more able to reflect on their actions and learn from their mistakes. This provides an optimal window for further development of individual skills.

The focus at this stage is on learning by doing, enhancing ball mastery, and learning the basic techniques and principles of play in a fun and challenging environment.

Players are becoming more aware of how to interact with teammates. The idea of thinking about their decisions and movement as being related to themselves and 1 or 2 teammates and 2 or 3 opponents can be developed upon. Focus is on 1v1 to 3v3 situations.

The goal is to provide training and game environments that promote the continued growth of ball mastery, an increased game awareness, and an appreciation for taking calculated risks in the attack through 3v3 to 8v8 (U12) game model, all in an environment that the players enjoy.

The sessions will be focused between fun and practicing the 8 V 8 game. All players will have equal playing time and will have an opportunity to play all positions equally. The environment will be positive and the emphasis on fun and development.


Parent/Volunteer Coaches will be appointed for the season and will run the sessions each week.  Head coaches will receive a $100 credit towards their child's registration at the end of the season after equipment has been returned & upon submission of required team information and a valid Criminal Record Check to the SPDSA by the specified deadline.  Only one head coach per team is eligible for the credit

In-service coaching workshops will be held before and during the season.

A full season curriculum and individual session plans will be provided electronically for all coaches. The sessions will be based on the Learn 2 Train stage of the Canada Soccer Association’s Long-Term Player Development Framework

The best qualities of a coach for this stage of player are

  • Enthusiastic and encouraging
  • Demonstrates whilst facilitating practice
  • Stimulates ideas

Planting the seed of passion for soccer is the most important goal in this age group. All players must be active during activities and equal amounts of playing time given during activities and games

Program Structure

1 x 75-minute game and 1 x 75 minute practice per week

Match Play - 8 v 8 (7 v 7 plus goalkeepers) with 2 x 30 minute halves

League format will consist of possible interlocking games with Ft Saskatchewan and Ardrossan

Each practice should address individual ball mastery as well as individual and small group decisions, when attacking and defending. As the players mature they are capable of keeping track of more things that are occurring on the field, however game situations and problem solving should still be kept relatively simple. Continue to encourage risk taking and experimenting with the ball, but begin to get them thinking about themes such as working together with their teammates to solve problems, as well as getting used to keeping track of the other players on the field.

An example session is shown below,

Game management,

No scores or standings to be kept.

Equal playing time for all players.  Substitution should be used to address injury, fatigue and lack of effort. It should not be used to punish a player for a soccer-related decision.

Don’t focus on positions. Players should learn the game based on principles of the game rather than positions on the field. Players’ decisions on the field should be based on what makes sense to them in the game. Let the players experience different positions and the different challenges that these positions create.

Warm Up - all players with a ball, moving, ball mastery.

Manage the amount of coaching during the game. Let them play. Encourage creativity. Don’t punish mistakes. Don’t referee. Encourage both teams play.

Promote soccer that is free flowing, is coach-guided but not coach directed, and demands that all players on the field, regardless of their specified position, participate in defending and attacking.

The Season

9 week season starting May 1 ending June 26

Week 1 is weather dependent and will not be rescheduled - Remaining games that need to be rescheduled will be in accordance with the SPDSA rescheduling guidelines and subject to field availability. 

Special Events

2018 Classic Tournament May 24 - 27

Days/Nights of Play

Tuesday and Thursday evenings

6:00pm and 7:15pm start times

Start times and game days may be subject to change, based on field availability 

Registration and Fees

$255 Early Bird.  Rates increase after March 1st by $25.00 and again after March 18th

Fee includes shorts, socks and jersey (Players are required to provide and shin pads and footwear)

Classic Tournament is included in the Registration Fees

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