U11 Girls - Jr Phoenix



Outdoor 2023 Program Outline

 For players born in 2012. 


Program Philosophy

Learning to share the ball: Introduction of positional possession game model.


About Junior Phoenix

Junior Phoenix is an age and stage related program, with a focus on the development of young players and coaches. With a player centred approach, we are better able to address the needs of young players by striving to develop greater physical literacy, technical ability, and enhance the love for the game. We provide a Canada Soccer Long-Term Player Development (LTPD) inspired program that will include a holistic curriculum overseen and delivered by our qualified staff and technical leads. 


Jr. Phoenix teams are led by licensed volunteer parent coaches, who are mentored and guided by our technical staff. By providing a safe environment, players will have the opportunity to develop with program specific core principles that fit within the Phoenix identity both on and off the field.  


Program Entry 

All players interested in playing with the Junior Phoenix program will participate in an assessment process. The assessment process encompasses sessions allowing players to showcase their ability and hard work through small-sided games. Those players not asked to commit to the program after the assessment process are recommended a place in the SPDSA community program. We strive to find a team for all the players who attend assessments.


Team Formation Philosophy

At this age, the SPDSA Technical Staff will be looking at creating two balanced teams (within each ender group) with a minimum of 12 players per team. 

From time to time the number of teams and players may be altered based on circumstances that are out of the SPDSA's control. Examples would be, but not limited to the following: 

  • Not enough players to create two teams based on registrations and/or players at the appropriate level. 
  • The disparity of current ability between players at assessments is too significant to create two balanced teams, which would allow the SPDSA to place players in an environment that will allow them to succeed. 

If either of the above is observed the technical staff may alter team formation to one of the following: 

  • Create one team. 
  • Create two teams where players of similar current ability are placed together. The teams will be placed in a league that the technical staff determines would be appropriate for the development of the players. 
  • Create two teams and one developmental team. The teams will be placed in a league that the technical staff determines would be appropriate for the development of the players. 


A full seasonal plan and curriculum guides all coaches through the program supported by the SPDSA Technical staff. 

The best qualities of a coach for this stage of player are: 

  • Is enthusiastic, encouraging, approachable and respectful;
  • Upholds standards for the team that reflect fair play, enjoyment, and learning;
  • Knows the subject matter and the players and, is able to demonstrate concepts to players; and,
  • Communicates well and involves parents in forming community around the team and the club.


The Season 
Season training begins in mid to late April weather permitting.  The EMSA (Edmonton Minor Soccer Association) league that our teams play in runs for a period of twelve weeks over the May, June, and July months.  League games typically follow an 8 v 8 format.  Matches are situated all over the Edmonton region.  A typical weekly commitment will be one match and one training session per week with one day of weekend training.  Game/Technical/Practice sessions are typically 75-80 minutes in length.   

*NEW this season - TWO SKILL CENTRE SESSIONS PER WEEK FOLLOWING A CLUB WIDE CURRICULUM. An academy style training model with a station-based approach. Technical, Tactical and Physical pillars would be addressed in a 12-week program that meets players where they are at. Weekend session to involve open registration players. 

Game and Tournament Play

All teams will be placed in appropriate league play. Our philosophy is to provide players the best opportunity to develop with age and stage appropriate competition that enhances game understanding and passion for play with the focus on individual player development. We know game time is an important component of player development. We also recognize that players require a variety of experiences to become adaptable and resilient. Coaches are supported by the Technical Department and are provided ongoing coaching development opportunities. Tournaments are additional costs and determined by the coach and parents typically at the start of the season. Fundraising is a typical way to bring down cost and build community around the team.


Days of Play: to be determined by EMSA. 

League Play: May, June, and July.

Game Format: 8 v 8 (7v 7plus goalkeepers). Rules to be determined by competition organization. 


Registration and Fees 

Fee Structure

Initial Payment

March 30, 2023

April 30, 2023


Full Registration





Assessment only





* Assessment fee is non-refundable only if player turns down a spot on the team at time of team formation.

Important to note:

  • EMSA league fees are included in registration price.
  • Jerseys are provided with individual deposits of $100 in form of post-dated cheque or pre-authorized credit card form. 
  • Each player will be required to purchase Phoenix branded shorts and socks.
  • Players are required to provide their own shin pads and soccer shoes.


Deadline to register in Jr. Phoenix is extended to March 11, 2023.



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